Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Losiaida Cultural Wire

I thought that when Ben, Dennis and I were going to the radio station that it would 105.1 or something like that. But it wasn't - it was a podcast, it was broadcast. This was my first experenice being on a radio show, not to mention a live broadcast. During the progress of getting interviewed you could hear what you just said minutes before. So while I was responding to Luis R. Cancel's questions, I was hearing what I had just 30 seconds before. If you go on the website at you hear that there is a pause I did because I was so nosy I wanted to make sure I souded GOOD. Then I realized that I was supposed to be talking. I wound up saying "Uuummm."

Click here to hear the interview:

Click on the most recent show. We come on after about an hour, so you can listen to the whole thing or fast-forward to us.

by Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Ben and Dennis at East Village Radio

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