Saturday, November 17, 2007

More About the Presentation

We were really nervous because we didn’t want to look like fools and we really want the job. It means a lot to us because it's part of our school. We really worked hard and we think that if we don’t get the job that we are going to be upset. Most of us probably lost our train of thought. We had everything planned out, we knew what to say but when it all came down to it, to presenting it in front of the committee we just got nervous all of a sudden. But we were able to get our thoughts and ideas out to them. We really hope that we are able to get the job and keep working for other people, because we really want to try to make learning history very fun and interesting. We will keep you posted!!!!

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by Eliana

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Showing our Mural Design to the Tenement Museum!

We showed our design to the mural committee at the Tenement Museum offices. We talked about history and how we’re going to relate it to current events and people now in the Lower East Side. We explained that we took pictures of how immigrants back in the day moved to the L.E.S. for the mural people to create and elaborate on their ideas.

In the mural we showed that the women working in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory were locked in the sweatshop by the owners. Then there was a short fuse and it started a fire and the women had no way to escape so they were burned. When the firemen came, some women jumped so they wouldn’t get burned. It shows the history and how women from the L.E.S. had jobs of sewing under bad working conditions.

The spool in thread in the mural shows the development of history and how working conditions changed. We put in the modern people to show the changes of the L.E.S. and people’s experiences: the connection to history.

by Eliana, Domonique, Nora, Jeannine, and Melanie

Friday, November 2, 2007


We printed our lovely photos and showed them to the mural class who used them in their mural design sketches (which will show up on this blog soon). There were some great ideas: flames to represent the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, a spool of thread unwinding to symbolize history and the garment industry, a skateboarder jumping to show the L.E.S. today. I can't wait to see the mural.


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From Mural Sketches

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Photo Class Interviews the Mural Class


"I'm sketching for the final draft of the mural."-Michelle
"Helping students develop ideas." -Ben
"Getting images from different people to get ideas." -Denise
"To incorporate the drawings I saw from the museum into the mural." -Dilyon
"Working on graffiti." -Thomas
"I am working on a mural piece." -Lisette


"It's a good project because we get to work with spray cans and materials, and it's a good chance to work with colors." -Michelle
"It's good, lots of ideas." -Ben
"It's good because I've never done something like this before." -Denise
"It's coming along, it has many good ideas." -Dilyon
"I think it's good because I get to do graffiti." -Thomas
"It's fun!" -Lisette


"Sketching was fun." -Michelle
"Brainstorming and developing ideas for the mural." -Ben
"Spray painting for the first time." -Denise
"To go see the museum and working on the mural individually." -Dilyon
"Spray painting." -Thomas


"From the museum and daily life." -Michelle
"We got inspired from each other" -Ben
"I started drawing when I was little and I kept going. [I was inspired by] the stuff I saw in the museum." -Dilyon
"Because I like spray painting." -Thomas

-By Nora, Melanie and Domonique

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From Working on Mu...

Street Photography

New photos!! We wanted to show today's version of the L.E.S. The photography group went out on the street and actually asked people to take pictures!!! We were so SCARED but eventually we overcame our fear. Come check out our new pictures they're really hot, we just wanted to show you the people how things have really changed over time. Learning things in school might of been boring but we decided to trying to show a new different way of learning, a fun and interesting way. We found a way to make it more fun and the thing that most people enjoy is graffiti, so we combined learning history with graffiti and so far things have been working out just fine. We will keep you posted.

By: Domonique and Eliana

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