Thursday, November 15, 2007

Showing our Mural Design to the Tenement Museum!

We showed our design to the mural committee at the Tenement Museum offices. We talked about history and how we’re going to relate it to current events and people now in the Lower East Side. We explained that we took pictures of how immigrants back in the day moved to the L.E.S. for the mural people to create and elaborate on their ideas.

In the mural we showed that the women working in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory were locked in the sweatshop by the owners. Then there was a short fuse and it started a fire and the women had no way to escape so they were burned. When the firemen came, some women jumped so they wouldn’t get burned. It shows the history and how women from the L.E.S. had jobs of sewing under bad working conditions.

The spool in thread in the mural shows the development of history and how working conditions changed. We put in the modern people to show the changes of the L.E.S. and people’s experiences: the connection to history.

by Eliana, Domonique, Nora, Jeannine, and Melanie

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